Swedish view:

Differences between cultures :

We arrived in a new country where nobody speaks Swedish. It’s difficult to understand a new language and a new culture. It’s different from Swedish culture in many ways, for example: in Sweden people never eat sweet things such as «pain au chocolat» for breakfast and yoghurt for snack after lunch or dinner. In school, it’s very different too. In France, the rules are more strict (they can’t use their phone and earphones, they have a dress code, they pay their lunch, when they are late they might not be accepted into the classroom), but in the Swedish high school it’s much more different from the French high school. The Swedish high school doesn’t have strict rules on how we should be dressed or if we can use our phone. If someone is late they can get absence from the lesson and if it happens too many times or if you have over 4 hours of absence it could cause you to get your money that you get for studying at high school withdrawn. Another thing that is different is that we don’t pay for our school lunch.

French view:

On Sunday morning and afternoon we prepared our houses before the coming of the Swedish students. We did all of housework we could do and we prepared a little sign with the name of our pen friends so that they could recognize us at the train station.

We showed them their bed rooms and all of rooms in our houses like the bathroom and the kitchen.

The first evening we introduced them our families and we shared a first French meal at home. It enabled us to discover new people and to build a friendship. We made them discover a new culture and new places in France.

The project :

In the beginning the communication between the French and the Swedish students was difficult, but the slam project and all of the activities that we did together made it easier to get to know each other and then it helped for sharing and communicating. Like the Laser game, the slam project or the visits of Lyon where we talked together in English.

The slam is rhythmic poetry without music but with conviction. Our slam is about immigration and living together. So we worked alone at the beginning, we searched for many words related to the topics to write a text and we tried to gather the ideas. We worked multiple times (Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning) to prepare a show for Friday evening at school. We worked with a professional slam writer whose name is Olivier.