Adriel’s Experience

I am Adriel Foulon, I am 15 and I live in Meyzieu with my parents and my two brothers. I am in 11 grades in Charlie Chaplin high school. I was born in Montreal, Canada, but I moved to France when I was two. I speak French, English and a little bit of Spanish (3 years of practice).

The most exiting thing about hosting a person from Sweden was to get to know people who don’t live like us, who has a different history and different life habits. And then compare all these differences to see how different everyone is. During the stay, the relation ship didn’t evolve a lot because Jessica was shy and didn’t talked a lot so they re no real bounds between us. Besides we don’t have common hobbies or passion at all except maybe music.

The thin that surprised me the most was that the Swedish people was calm. We were always running, laughing, making jokes and the Swedish were way calmer than us. Maybe it’s because it’s their nature. And, their salty candy was really weird. Their school are very different, they get money to go there, they can wear whatever they want. Furthermore, they eat early, we usually eat around 8 whereas they eat at 6.

My parents try to talk with Jessica the more they can. One of my brothers wasn’t here and the other one was only here a few times and it was hard for him to talk.

I think that the week was good. I really liked the Swedish group because they are kind and smiling. I enjoyed all the activities and all the things that prepared our teachers. It really was a great week.