About Us

The schools Ullvigymnasiet and Lycée Charlie Chaplin are participating in an Erasmus+ project. The purpose of the project is to exchange ideas and learn about cultural differences between the two countries and also to increase integration.

Both schools are upper secondary schools. The students from Lycée Charlie Chaplin are part of the European section, which means that they study more English than average French students. The students from Ullvigymnasiet come from 6 different programs: Healthcare, Childcare, Technology, Natural Science, Economy, and Social Studies.

In this blog, the students will write about their experiences of the exchange and about cultural traits of each country.

Through our European project, we want to help our students and the public in our hometowns to learn more about what we can do to reach some success with integration. By giving our students opportunities to talk, discuss and reflect about their own culture and traditions, and compare it to other cultures and traditions, we hope to create a dialogue between the Swedish and the French students, and at the same time integrate our newly arrived/immigrants at the Swedish school, Ullvigymnasiet.

The dialogue we have created between our schools and our two different cultures will help the students comprehend the benefits of an integrated society. This project will give the students tools for combating discrimination, segregation, and racism. It also gives the students opportunities to practice their language skills. By opening up their homes to students from a different country and by staying in a local family, we are convinced that our French and Swedish students will develop intercultural competence and improve their critical thinking.