Day 2

In Västerås 

At first, we had to meet up at the train station of Köping at 8:10 am. Then we took the train and it was very quick like if we had taken the subway in Lyon but in a more comfortable way. So, a quarter later we were finally in Västerås, where we enjoyed the escape game booked for us which was actually a competition between our 11 groups. It was based on a point system, we could get 25, 50, 75 or 100 points if we were able to succeed the challenge. There was one challenge per room (so there were many rooms) and we had to resolve the enigma or to succeed the physical game to get the points. The harder it was and the more we could get points. And the « Winners » team won with 1266 points! (Besides I didn’t realise but it lasted three hours !).

In the afternoon, we visited the museum of Västerås about Swedish life and history and I think that it was very playful because we could dress up in costumes. Besides there was a part of the museum dedicated to art and photography and I liked it too. When we were done we decided to go shopping to the mall, I noticed that most of the shops are also famous in France like New Yorker or the Body Shop, which are international brands.

So, it was a very good second day in Sweden for us and I think that we all fell asleep very quickly !