Day 3

Day 3,

Bild från besök på förskola

Today the student in 16BF visited a nursery school in France. The school is called École Primaire E.Herriot Le Prainet 1. In the nursery school, we met the head teacher who told us that there were 312 children in this nursery school. He also told us that it was important to keep all doors and windows locked for everyone’s safety and other good information. We were informed of the operation of the school and as it turned out the approach is almost the same as in Sweden, but their groups are bigger – roughly 20-30 children – and one teacher and one assistant for every group, so it is hard for them to meet every child’s needs.

The remaining students stayed at Lycée Charlie Chaplin where we discussed cultural differences and got a better understanding for one another. For example, we learned some French phrases, and the French learned some Swedish. Then we had lunch at “la cantine” at school.

In the afternoon seven students from the Healthcare program visited an old people’s home to see what it is like there. We could see what the home looked like and we had a guided tour in French (luckily we had Susanne with us who could translate to Swedish). We could ask questions and they happily answered them. We could also participate in an activity at the home to stimulate their memories. The home was very nice, but very different compared to old people’s homes in Sweden.

Bild från museum

The students who didn’t visit the old people’s home spent the afternoon at Musée Lumière, which is a museum about the Lumière brothers who are considered the creators of modern film. We had a guided tour and then watched a film with many of their earliest film clips from the 1890s. The very first film clip shows employees leaving the Lumière brothers’ factory, and when we left the museum we tried to recreate that film at the same building, which is still in the area.

In the evening all the students, host families, and teachers gathered in the school auditorium for a reception. We were treated to good music and a good buffet, and all the Swedes were given a couple of gifts from the school, including amongst other things a T-shirt.

/ Hellen Muhonen 16BF & Rebecca Lindberg 16VO