Day 4

Day 4,

Today, we spent the whole day with our exchange students because it is the weekend. So today we all went to a shopping center named Part Dieu, which is in central Lyon and is one of Europes largest shopping centers, which you can understand because it has four floors with all possible kinds of stores. I think we all found something to bring home.

After spending some time in the shopping center some of us went to a park in Lyon where there was also an open zoo with many different animals. In the park, there was also a lake where some of us took a swim since it is very hot here, right now it is 27°.

In the evening we met up with everyone again to play laser game together. We split up in four different teams and took turns playing against each other. When I played we were Swedes against Frenchmen and I’m sorry to say that the Frenchmen beat us with margin, but it was very fun to play even though we lost. After that, some of us went out for tacos and some others went to McDonald’s. When we were contented we said goodnight and went home to bed.

/ Linnéa Hemström 16VO