Day 2

Sunday 13/10-19

We started the Sunday with breakfast at the hotel. We ate yoghurt, some bread, croissants and other sweets. We are not used to eating sweet things so early in the morning so it was kind of different for us. After the breakfast we packed our things in our bags and we checked out. Then we all went to Paris city with the subway. First we went to Notre Dame and took many pictures of the fantastic building. We got half an hour to walk around by ourselves. Some people bought souvenirs and others bought a coke or something to drink. Then we went to the Triumphal Arc and Champs-Elysée. The Triumphal Arc is so beautiful in real life. We got free time there too so we went in to some stores and we took many beautiful pictures of the Triumphal arc. Then we went back to the hotel and got our bags. After that we took the subway to Gare de Lyon. We ate at the station. The nervousness started to come when we were sitting and eating. Will we like our family? Will they like me? Many questions where going through our heads.

It took nearly two hours with the train and then we arrived in Lyon. The train went so fast so if you were looking out from the window you got dizzy. We were all super nervous before we met our pen friends, but when we saw them at the train station we felt better. They where holding papers with our names on it so we could see who our pen friend was. Then we all went home to our pen friends. When we arrived at our pen friends homes we met the whole family. We all felt so happy with our families and we were all super exited for the week. We packed up our things and then we ate dinner with our families. We sat down and talked to them for a bit but we were super tiered from the trip so we all went to bed early that night.