Day 3

Monday 14/10-19

The Monday was the first day at school and the first meeting with everyone else that is in the Erasmus-project. The day started with a discourse of the headmaster, the Swedish and French teachers were they said welcome and presented the project we were going to work with the whole week. The project was something called poetry slam and that is like a song but you kind of talk with a music background and an involved tone to express the feelings of the words. We started with the project directly after the discourse and it was a little bit awkward in the beginning because we didn’t really known each other but then we began to feel comfortable. It was a little bit hard to write the slam because it isn’t something we usually do but it was fun.

After a few hours working on the slam it was time for the lunch break and for us Swedish people it was really interesting because to enter cafeteria they needed to scan their hand for get a tray and to pay for their food. They also had a lot of options, they always have three courses and they can choose between fruits, yoghurt and ice cream and that is something we don’t have at the lunch in Sweden.

In the afternoon it was time for everyone to play laser game and we were in four groups and played two games each. It was very fun and sweaty running around there. Some people had never played it before and they thought it was very fun and something they want to do again. After the laser game it was time to go home to the French families and eat dinner and later go to bed.