Day 4

Tuesday October 13,

We went to the Confluence museum in the morning by train. We did a tour of the museum and we saw three different rooms. The first exhibition was about the different cultures and from all around the world. The second room we went to was about human evolution and which animals we are similar too. Lastly, we went to modern developing and we saw the evolution of computers and also some shields that the African people used as money many centuries ago. The guide was very energetic and very educated on the theme and was extremely interesting to listen to. He showed us some skeletons of different animals such as whale and mammoth. Everyone liked this and was very fascinated by that. We were all a bit tired and hungry at the end of the tour and everyone wanted to go eat.

The skeleton of a whale is hanging from the ceiling.

Before we left for this trip to France we had already decided what we would eat after the tour at the Confluence museum. The restaurants name was Hemingway’s and was located far away from the museum. We all got tuna fish and couscous for starter and some people got eggs together with hummus. Then for the main course, some people took pasta and some people took chicken together with couscous. The dessert was chocolate cake and tiramisu. Our reaction after we after this lunch wasn’t so good. We were disappointed at the food and the ones that ordered the chicken thought the food was very tasteless. But this was very individual, some though this was really delicious and some didn’t.

Waiting for the food at Hemingway’s.

On our way home after the restaurant visit, we had some minutes of free time around the quarters and the group tired to explore a little bit of lyon.