Day 6

Thursday October 17:

Thursday, our fourth day in Lyon, started at eight o’clock as usual. We were 40 students plus teachers who tried to get on to the same metro which was to take us to the old town. This turned out to be much harder than we thought because there were so many people trying to catch the same metro, but eventually we made it.

When we reached the old town we had a guided tour where we could see all sorts of things, including the area where the creator of Puignol, a famous puppet on a string, lived and old churches. We also crossed some “traboules”, secret passages between different streets, which were used among other things in historic wars to share information. We were informed of the history of Lyon.

After the guided tour we had some time to use more freely and half of the group decided to have a longer lunch whereas the other half chose to continue the sightseeing and walked up the long stairs to see the roman theatre, the grand church Fourvier, and also the beautiful view of Lyon.

Resting in the roman theatre

After lunch we had some more time in Lyon which was spent shopping and walking around the streets of Lyon. We returned to school and worked all afternoon rehearsing our slam which was to be performed in front of the parents and siblings the next day. When the school day was over we were all very tired, so we went home to our host families for a quiet evening at home.