Day 6

Day 6,

We woke up filled with joy over this lovely week. At the same time, we were sad that the time had passed too quickly. We missed Sweden, but at the same time, we didn’t want to leave the city of light, Lyon. My correspondent and I woke up early and took the bus to the school, Charlie Chaplin. The French students had their own lessons. While they were there we started a new adventure.

The final visit to Lyon started with  Le Mur des Canuts in la Croix Rousse. You could easily believe it to be reality instead of a picture. While we were there taking a group picture we heard a loud crashing sound from the street. Some of us were so frightened that we screamed. A car crash happened right next to us. Everyone felt sorry for the drivers. After that, we had about 30 minutes of spare time to walk around. I and some friends bought super tasty French pastry.

Elever i restaurang

Then we went to the luxurious restaurant Le Marronnier to have a three-course meal. Food culture is very important in France which is why it was so exciting to be in such a fine restaurant. Most of us had Sallad Lyonnaise as an entree. As the main course, there was more variation between chicken, fish, pork or something else. I tried something typically Lyonnais. It is not every day you are in Lyon tasting its delicious food. So I took andouillette Campagnarde avec sauce Moutarde ancienne, which is a French sausage made by chitterlings. It tasted incredibly good. After eating the main course we were already full. Even so, we didn’t mind some dessert. My dessert was fondant au chocolat au Coeur caramel beurre salé, which was a chocolate cake filled with caramel and salted butter. It was delicious, and everyone liked it. One of the girls in the group left with a new French friend…

We had two hours of spare time in which we walked around Lyon. We bought souvenirs, lots of chocolate, and lots of macrons. Then we headed back for school. On the way back to school I and two other girls lost the rest of the group because we got stuck in the ticket inspection. The tickets were invalid, so we couldn’t pass. Some Frenchmen helped us so we could find the way back to the group.

All French and Swedish students met up at night in a very nice park with a beautiful lake view. We hung out, had fun and played games. They are so fun and social people. We really enjoyed this week. We learned many new things and foremost we mad new friends for life.

/ Liza Marshah 16NA