Hello, my name is Estelle and I was one of the Swedish exchange students 2019 to Lyon. Right now am studying my second year at Ullvigymnasiet with the alignment “samhällskunskap”, i.e. Social Studies. I really enjoyed the trip to France. I got to know a lot of new people that are now my friends, and I really look forward to when the French exchange students are coming to Sweden. 

The most exciting thing about staying with a new family was to get to know them and see how a French family lives. I really enjoy getting to know new people and when you are living together with a family for one week you get to know them and that is very fun. At the beginning of the trip I was very nervous to meet so many new people and live at their houses but in the end, it felt good to do something that is outside of your comfort zone.

There was a lot of differences between the Swedish and the French school. The food and the cafeteria for example. In the French school, you had to pay for the food, you were not allowed to get more food if you wanted and you couldn’t use your phone in there. The school was very strict and the teachers too. I experience the school in Sweden as more soft and relaxed although we take responsibility for our studies. I also noticed that the food (of course) is a difference compared to Swedish food. One example is yogurt after dinner, which I think is new for every Swede.

I really enjoyed Lyon. The city was very beautiful and I would like to visit it again! The architecture of every building was different from the others, in unique ways. The shopping was good and I thought it was extra nice to be there with friends. 

Overall, the whole trip to France was amazing and I am very grateful to be a part of it. I had a lot of fun and it was a great experience to get to know the French culture more. I recommend all of you to also be an exchange student if you are able to do it!