Eva ~ Aleksandra

My name is Eva and I am Aleksandra’s penpal. I live in Genas with my parents and my little brother Nicolas. My mother is Norwegian so she taught me the language. I can understand a bit of Swedish, which sounds a bit like Norwegian; so I thought that this exchange with Sweden could be a funny experience for me! I have always wanted to know how I would handle speaking only English with someone and I wanted to try this project.

Aleksandra and I have a lot in common: we both have a little brother, our favorite meal is tacos, we love sports, we play the piano and sing, even our parents got married on the same day!! I loved the week we shared in October! We talked a lot together which was really gratifying for my English’s learning. I felt that I could speak English more fluently at the end of the week.  

We went out a lot together. For example, we did ice skating, we went shopping in theis huge mall « Part-Dieu », we went to my sport’s training… We also did a few parties with the other penpals! 

My family was very glad to host her and liked her a lot. My parents speak English very well so there wasn’t any difficulty with the communication. Even my brother who is 13 years old took part in the conversations and spoke English with us!

It was hard at the beginning to mix the Swedes and the French but we finally became all friends and it was a great experience to meet new people from another country. I made new friends from my school that I didn’t know from before and some others who were my friends when I was little and who I was able to find again thanks to this exchange! The French group we are is so cool and we all get on so well. I am really excited to go on a trip to Sweden with them.