My name is Noé, I’m 17 and I live in a town « Meyzieu ». I live in a house with my parents and my little brother, Elio (he is 13), and I study at Charlie Chaplin high school. I obviously speak French but also English and a bit German.

During this week one of the things that I liked the most was to discover the Swedish culture and way of life. Listening to them talking about how high school works, their relationships with their teachers, the fact that they work almost only on laptops was a great experience. The second thing that I liked the most was to see them discover our country, our food or everyday life. Some food I often eat (like lentils for example) are actually French specialities and it has been disturbing and fun for them. Having to explain to them what «la bise » is and in which situation we do it, was also a really interesting and funny moment.

Before Ellinor’s arrival, I was a bit stressed because I never had to welcome someone from another country so I was stressed by questions like « Will she like her room ? Will she feel alright ? » but when she arrived everything went well. She is very nice, she made me discover famous Swedish songs and we talked about life in Sweden.

We went to a beautiful spot of nature, the « Grand Large » and to the mall during the weekend. We also stayed a lot with the others, we spent time hanging out so I had the opportunity to meet new people, both Swedish and French.

I have learnt so much, I’ll treasure these memories and human encounters and I look forward to visiting Sweden now !